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Sneaky Sugars - by Zero Belly Diet

Sneaky Sugars - by Zero Belly Diet

Are these sneaky sugars slowing your weight loss efforts?

With new research confirming that fat can be a healthy part of a weight loss-friendly diet, health-conscious individuals have found a new foe on their plates: sugar.
The stuff may be sweet, but when it comes to our waistlines and health, it’s anything but. Sugar can cause massive increases in body weight, as well as putting its consumers at risk for diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay, gout, high cholesterol, and early death. Despite the near-constant warnings about sugar and our health, most of us show no signs of slowing our consumption down....

Going through the pains of figuring out the App Integration

Although the site is online, since we haven't advertised it yet, I suppose no one will see it while I am battling with how to finish the Subscription app's install.

Making sugar free cookies

A little more about what we're all about

Are you diabetic or pre diabetic?

Do you have a Sweet tooth but can't find something sweet, sugar-free and delicious?

Do you have relatives who must or want to reduce their sugar intake? 


How often have you heard: "Oh, sugar-free? No taste!".  Unfortunately it is so often true.  Why is that? Because, cooking or baking is an art.  Some people have talent and some not so much.

Talent is like the French say: "Un je ne sais quoi" or "Un tour de main".  That little touch that makes the difference between a painting and a PAINTING.  A meal and...

20 days later

Still working at getting the website ready.  Difficult when not a techie.  However, getting there and full of new ideas. 

I could not sleep the whole night thinking, so excited I was. 

Look at this photo.  If he can why couldn't you?

Anything can be acheived