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Susan and Daniel Nicolas - Founders

Susan and Daniel Nicolas - Founders - Foodies

We began our business 25 years ago selling our products at open-air Farmers Markets in Orange County, California.  There was no Internet, no yelp, no facebook to help us at letting people know about us and our product line, the Rocks N Rolls cookies. Needless to say, it took tons of schlepping as we were also broke. 

We used to pay $25 an hour for a table and the use of the oven at a professional bakery during their down time and in one or 2 hours, make enough product to sell the next day at the farmers market.  We were super happy to sell 150 bucks to $200.  We did it for over 2 years before renting our own minuscule bakery.

Remembering these difficult but happy days, Susan and I thought that perhaps we could offer a similar opportunity to budding health-conscious food entrepreneurs.

This is one of the reasons why we have created this marketplace and community to help all those who find it difficult to find reliable products they can re-sell or eat if diabetics or weight watchers.

The second reason is that in the past 5 years we began focusing on sugar free cookies, sugar free granola and cereals because over the years we've lost many friends and family member to the ravages of diabetes.

The third reason is is purely altruistic as we remain entrepreneurs at heart.

The motto of our lives being: " Eating is our favorite sport."